Parks and Rec Refuses to Talk to Northeast Community Council

posted Dec 17, 2018, 1:57 PM by Marc Grober

In a recent e-mail, a Parks and Rec Planner stated that Parks and Rec will not respond to the community council with respect to any of the multiple resolutions the NECC has adopted with respect to management, maintenance, or use of RJSP.

This follows on from a prior e-mail in which Parks and Rec stated that any attempts by the NECC to address any issue involving RJSP was an act of sabotage with respect to the public planning process.

Apparently, Parks and Rec believes itself to be above Title 21, which requiries all planning aplicants to address their plans with community councils.

Separated Bike Lanes

posted Nov 9, 2017, 10:48 AM by Marc Grober   [ updated Nov 9, 2017, 10:53 AM ]


Speaking of RJSP, many of you may have heard that Pine was going to get protected bikes lanes. Well, not really. Apparently there is some confusion about the language employed, and at present AMATS/MOA does NOT intend to provide protected bike lanes anywhere in the MOA.

Here are some links providing some information on how bike infrastructure language may be confusing:

Vocabulary to Reconsider
Bike Lane
Cycle Track

MOA to Open RJSP Master Plan in 2018

posted Nov 8, 2017, 6:20 PM by Marc Grober

From: Marc Grober []
Sent: Saturday, October 28, 2017 4:49 PM
To: Durand, Joshua A. <> [Park Superintendent]
Subject: A Joyous Samain and a Festive Diwali to you, to you

Top o' the Season to You! 

Might I inquire as to the status of our collaboration? No sign of trash cans....

Next Spring we will place bear proof trash cans at the following locations:

61.2031678,-149.7820601 &


If the volunteer efforts for trash removal work out, we will leave them there.  Thank you for this assistance. 

I do want to thank you and yours for getting the soccer goals back to Nunaka this summer.  I hope that they will return early next spring :-)

We did notice two new bear proof receptacles by the dog park (which seems now to occupy the entire Northeast corner of the Park, north of the paved trail and east of the soccer fields- and apparently growing, lol).

I did notice trail maps at the chalet (xerographic copies of blown up satellite images with overlaid trails) that did not indicate that they were old and contained many errors. As it would be so easy to not only add that to the map, but also add a way that folk could provide updated GPS tracks, it is unfortunate that this was not addressed before the materials were put in circulation.

Russian Jack Springs Park (RJSP) has a mapping effort underway for the managed trails and those identified in the master plan.  RJSP is in need of an updated master plan and we plan to start this process in the fall of 2018.

Later this year we will be looking at mapping a trail that takes advantage of more of the North West corner of the South Park, as well as a trail that parallels the East side of the springs.

Your efforts on this will prove useful for an updated master plan.

It would be handy if the community had data on what Maintenance planned to groom this winter, and how they planned to groom it. I have been suggesting that be shared for a deacde in that the public might have some suggestions.

We are currently working with park maintenance, Nordic and the GIS center of excellence to have online and up to date data for grooming.

Once upon a time, EVERYONE understood that the Lighted Loop was one-way.

Eventually, with the loss of the second track and the influx of skate-skiers and bikers, that was arguably lost, and with all the current traffic, diagonal skiers are essentially being pushed off the lighted loop. With the advent of lunar-resonant led lighting this can be resolved with a little planning and community involvement, but things would be helped immensely by the deployment of the second tunnel....

This should be addressed through the master planning effort.



And now...... the Social Trail is OPEN

posted Nov 8, 2017, 6:13 PM by Marc Grober   [ updated Nov 8, 2017, 6:15 PM ]

Thanks to some hard work by YEP and Park Maintenance staff BOTH the Social Trail (at least as present aligned) AND the small trail running from bridge to bridge along the creek skirting the "hump" on the trail near Pine St are open.

They're Back! On the fence at RJSP....

posted Nov 15, 2011, 10:53 PM by Marc Grober

Yes folks, on Monday, a Parks and Rec crew put in a redesigned set of stakes with fencing and straw at RJSP. The crew indicated the posts had been removed and realigned because someone had complained (yes, they were pointing at yours truly...) Unfortunately, the new design, much as ith the previous design, was adopted without public input.  I did point out that there were some issues with the current alignment, and in as much as out teens continue to rip the posts out because they don't appreciate Parks and Rec. efforts, we may se one or two additional configurations yet. The traditional tracks down the hill are in and telemarkers can still find room to practice....  

Fence Posts Gone...

posted Nov 11, 2011, 2:02 PM by Marc Grober

Fence posts that were placed apparently for the purpose of fencing off the top of the ski hill have been removed. However, that is not to say they won't return.  According to the Park Superintendent they were placed after internal discussion for the purposes of directing sledding traffic. It would apear that Parks and Rec may be following up on management suggestions some time ago that sledding and skiing could not co-exist at the Russian Jack Hill and that skiing was no longer an activity there with the Department's abandonment of the toe rope.

However, P&R has been advised regularly that skiers still use the slope and that the Master Plan called for a sledding hill to be placed on the other side of the Chalet. the Northeast Community Council have also been provided several ideas that might actually make sledding safer, though P&R have never acknowledged receipt of those suggestions, and P&R's own ideas seem at times to be rather Norman Rockwellian (focused on increasing the amount of light and cutting down trees.)

Lunar Resonant Lighting for RJSP?

posted Feb 21, 2011, 6:07 PM by Marc Grober   [ updated Feb 22, 2011, 1:27 PM ]

Many in our community feel that our city (and especially our parks) are over-illuminated. Below is an illustration of Civil Twilight's  Lunar Resonant Lighting design. More (including better images) can be found by clicking here.

RJSP VIP Committee Heard from Ski Community

posted Feb 18, 2011, 6:44 PM by Marc Grober   [ updated Feb 18, 2011, 6:54 PM ]

The "VIP" Committee created by MOA Parks and Rec has now met twice with their third meeting coming up on February 23rd between 6 and 8 p.m. at Williwaw Elementary. We will be working on reviewing a spreadsheet of everyone's "top priorities" concerning the Park.

Last meeting the Committee heard from Lars Spurkland representing the East High Ski Team, Brian Jones representing Junior Nordic, and Clif Reagle representing SkiJax.

Brian's presentation  included the following points:
  • Jr Nordic is in the park weekdays in Winter 6:30 - 7:30 and 10 - Noon on Saturdays - 50 to 100 skiers
  • There is a lack of off-season maintenance - dirt surface trail has frost heaves and dirt mounds up in the middle of the path
  • Trails need consistent winter grooming
  • They would like lighted trails in a loop
  • They would like curly part of the trail {north side} to be groomed and lit
  • A formal trail-head is needed on the North side of the park with a kiosk and a park map
  • Soccer fields should be groomed in the winter for skiing
  • The NSAA might be willing to maintain the trails
Lars and Clif talked about the need to have the trails lit as well as the need for additional signage.

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