The Municipality of Anchorage's mantra when it comes to public participation is sometimes perceived to be, "Stakeholders, Stakeholders, Stakeholders." That is not necessarily a bad thing, as the MOA wants to hear from user groups as that does sometimes offer some economies ( and that is one reason this organization has formed, i.e. to get a seat at the "table".)

To adopt that same analysis, SkiJax is not solely focused on skiing, but is focused on winter usage of RJSP and specifically the impacts of such usage on skiing and other winter sports usage. To that extent SkiJax is aware of az number of existing "stakeholders". Below is a description of some of the groups involved in the park. If your group is not included, please let us know, and whether included or not, please get involved!

Please note that there is no intention to exclude non-affiliated persons. To the contrary, the intent has been to use stakeholders to create a body that could be used to help represent the interests of such skiers as for years RJSP has served just those populations; people who are new to skiing, people who want to "take their time" on the trails, people who ski for meditative and other reasons.

Likewise, SkiJax understands the need to offer a range of winter recreational opportunities.

Junior Nordic

Junior Nordic has been using RJSP for providing youth skiing programming for many years.

East High School Ski Team

As East HS abuts the Park, these young skiers have an important interest in the Park. Additionally, there is a yearly race conducted at the Park for high school skiers.

Muni Master Ski Program

The MOA has run Master Ski classes at the Park for some years.

Tour of Anchorage

The Tour uses RJSP as a starting point for one class of racers.