MOA to Open RJSP Master Plan in 2018

Post date: Nov 09, 2017 2:20:5 AM

From: Marc Grober []

Sent: Saturday, October 28, 2017 4:49 PM

To: Durand, Joshua A. <> [Park Superintendent]

Subject: A Joyous Samain and a Festive Diwali to you, to you

Top o' the Season to You!

Might I inquire as to the status of our collaboration? No sign of trash cans....

Next Spring we will place bear proof trash cans at the following locations:

61.2031678,-149.7820601 &


If the volunteer efforts for trash removal work out, we will leave them there. Thank you for this assistance.

I do want to thank you and yours for getting the soccer goals back to Nunaka this summer. I hope that they will return early next spring :-)

We did notice two new bear proof receptacles by the dog park (which seems now to occupy the entire Northeast corner of the Park, north of the paved trail and east of the soccer fields- and apparently growing, lol).

I did notice trail maps at the chalet (xerographic copies of blown up satellite images with overlaid trails) that did not indicate that they were old and contained many errors. As it would be so easy to not only add that to the map, but also add a way that folk could provide updated GPS tracks, it is unfortunate that this was not addressed before the materials were put in circulation.

Russian Jack Springs Park (RJSP) has a mapping effort underway for the managed trails and those identified in the master plan. RJSP is in need of an updated master plan and we plan to start this process in the fall of 2018.

Later this year we will be looking at mapping a trail that takes advantage of more of the North West corner of the South Park, as well as a trail that parallels the East side of the springs.

Your efforts on this will prove useful for an updated master plan.

It would be handy if the community had data on what Maintenance planned to groom this winter, and how they planned to groom it. I have been suggesting that be shared for a deacde in that the public might have some suggestions.

We are currently working with park maintenance, Nordic and the GIS center of excellence to have online and up to date data for grooming.

Once upon a time, EVERYONE understood that the Lighted Loop was one-way.

Eventually, with the loss of the second track and the influx of skate-skiers and bikers, that was arguably lost, and with all the current traffic, diagonal skiers are essentially being pushed off the lighted loop. With the advent of lunar-resonant led lighting this can be resolved with a little planning and community involvement, but things would be helped immensely by the deployment of the second tunnel....

This should be addressed through the master planning effort.